SurfStitch launches quarterly newspaper 'POST'

SurfStitch launched a new quarterly newspaper, ‘Post’. Offering a mix of fashion, surf, travel, culture, lifestyle and apparel content, the Post is printed on 95% recycled paper with vegetable dye ink and hover-to-shop functionality.

Jevon Le Roux, Managing Director, SurfStitch comments: “Print may seem like an unusual choice of medium for SurfStitch as one of Australia’s biggest online retailers, but therein lies the point.

Post complements the rapid delivery offered by our mega digital footprint, with a tangible face and longevity for deeper commentary. It’s been a true collaborative process between the team at SurfStitch and Stab with a strong emphasis on both style and storytelling.”

The first quarterly issue will be distributed until January 2020.

Dane Patterson, General Manager, Brand and E-Commerce, SurfStitch said the launch of the Post was a play to extend the reach of the brand: “The Post’s physical format offers a premium format to connect with our audience, integrating long-form narrative, strong visuals and typography.

“It's been fun to produce a piece of print content which can live on someone’s coffee table however we also wanted to ensure the link to our digital platform was seamless. This is enabled by the use of hover-to-shop functionality, linking customers straight to the curated product featured on the paper in front of them.”