SWELL Unveils Hemp Collection

SWELL has unveiled its first collection made from hemp. With numer- ous benefits which support sustainability, hemp is an environmen- tal, renewable, reusable and recyclable resource – which also looks and feels great.

The fabric is recognised as one of the strongest on earth – yet is soft and breathable – and biodegrades quickly. Due to its versatility and broad benefits, hemp is gaining traction as the future of sustainable fashion.

Renae Harris, Senior Women’s Designer for SWELL, says:

“The SWELL Hemp collection is just the beginning of many more good things to come.

“We set out to create our own beautiful collection, being very aware and thoughtful of what we are producing. Hemp emerged as the natural choice, as a truly sustainable crop which not only maximises utilisation but reduces waste.

“The aim is for SWELL Hemp to become an ongoing line, which plays a small part in help reducing our impact.”

Whilst the buds and smell may be familiar, hemp should not to be confused with its sister, cannabis – as hemp contains very low levels of THC - the psychoactive substance that leads to highs. The hemp plant does however grow like a weed, eliminating the need for chem- ical pesticides, herbicides or fertiliser and thriving on less water than almost all other crops. Hemp also absorbs carbon dioxide through natural photosynthesis – and even puts nutrients back into the soil.